Sunday, 16 January 2011

DAY 15

Milliande was unable to post the video until late last night and  so I decided to wait until today to do the page.
That was good because it gave me a little longer to think although I had some ideas when I saw the video.
WOMANS STORIES was the prompt and Milliande had provided images of women's heads to download.

I have only used the downloads once before preferring to do my own thing. But I noticed she had asked us to use it if possible. So still trying to be different I thought of ways I could alter it my first effort was to produce a negative image but I was not sure it would show up well . I then decided to use the posterize option on Picknik which gives a sort of cartoon look.I then cut out images of women from magazines and stuck the original download head on each one. I then positioned the  pieces on to card and scanned into Picassa.Then into Picknik with the posterize option. It was then just a case of finishing the pages with newspaper cuttings and Pitt pens.

Milliande Art Journal January 2011

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  1. found you like this lots..have a good arty week.