Friday, 21 January 2011


My problem with crafting is the fact I get distracted I can be doing a project and then I read or see something and I have to have a go. And so it was today while watching a you tube video I saw a link on dyeing with natural items.Red cabbage was the demo now normally I would not drop everything to have a go but yesterday I had thrown out a red cabbage.  I rescued it from the compost cut it up and boiled for 30 mins.Now on the demo the dyed fabric was a beautiful violet my fabric came out more of a grey shade so as a crafter never wastes anything I decided to put different papers in the water. The results may have been messy but quite a nice colour.

Boiled Red Cabbage

A Selection Of Papers Coloured With Dye From Red Cabbage

link to



 Day 20 prompt MY FRONT DOOR
I gave it some thought and decided to take a photo of my front door and alter it with Picasa and Picnik. This was fun and I was able to go a little crazy with the Sizzix it turned out very bright.

Todays prompt was Bonny Bluebells and I decided to do a watercolour using watercolour and drawing inks I was really pleased with the result. I love the combination of colours.


  1. like the bright front door and your bluebells are excellent..great pages

  2. Your bluebells are awesome! Love your whole page.

  3. Thank you for those comments it was fun using watercolours again not done that for a while.