Sunday, 23 January 2011


Weekends are always difficult for me I always want to be crafting but feel I must be doing something more practical. This weekend was no different we had a water leak in an annexe before Christmas during the sub zero temperatures. This has meant my husband working on putting it right. Apart from the day it happened when the water was flooding two floors I have not had much to do. But this morning I decided it was my turn to do my bit after all most of the items stored there are mine, Dozens of picture frames piles of mount board and a lot of paintings.Anyone who has ever had to clean up after plastering has taken place will know how difficult it is. It does not matter how much you wash the floor it still looks dusty and it stays in the air for ages,

This cleaning meant I was not able to finish yesterdays journal page until today I thought long and hard about this page because I was creating a page  about something not everyone would talk about.I suffer with IBS  (irritable bowel syndrome ) in my case this means I always need to be near a toilet. I have to say though that I am very lucky as some sufferers are in great pain and I am not.The prompt was A DAY IN YOUR LIFE

and I wrote a short poem about my day and actually felt I had created a proper journal page.
This afternoon we were visited by a bumble bee who would not sit still hence the slightly blurred photo taken with my phone.But it was lovely to see her and we had some lovely smiles.


  1. great page..sometimes its good to pour your heart out and get the emotions out on a page. I did that with mine today. Love the little bumble bee..isnt he cute.

  2. Oh Yaya!!! SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! I want to cuddle her so give her a loving nuzzle from Gigi, please! Your journal is fabulous and I'm glad to see it is really coming from and about YOU!
    Much love...

  3. your little bumble bee is gorgeous and l am very jealous. My son and daughgter are enjoying themselves too much to have children, although they both want them!!xlynda
    ps..thanks for visiting my site.