Thursday, 27 January 2011


This has been a strange week for me with a lot of down moments. Tuesday was a damp dark rainy day and I attended my uncles funeral (my mothers brother ) I had not seen him for some time but he was suffering from Alzheimer's and had been in a specialist home for some time.His wife  is there also suffering with the same awful illness.The last time I saw my aunt  just a couple of years ago she was a strong forceful woman and yet the lady helped into the Chapel supported by carers was a shadow of her former self.
This day was made harder for me because my Mother also has memory problems and I worry that I may lose her in the same way.
Add to this mix the fact that my Father was unable to attend due to the fact he has just started another course of chemotherapy for NON  HODGKINS  LYMPHOMA which at almost 84 is tough.So Tuesday was hard I caught up with relatives last seen at a happier gathering knowing that the next may be another sad occasion.

 Yesterday I was determined to finish DAYS 23 and  24 of my journal pages  I was quite happy with them in the end.   Milliande is having a short break so that gives us all time to catch up.

The Large oak Tree 

Frosted Seed Heads
Empty Stable
As this is such a boring blog entry I am  posting 3 photos I have altered with PICNIK


  1. sorry that you have so much illness and sadness around you..hugs.

    Love your photos especially that door