Monday, 24 January 2011


some of they many boxes
So the plan was a quick supermarket shop which went fine then home but I decided to pop into HOBBYCRAFT to get a new journal .The selection of sketchbooks/journals did not provide me with what I was looking for and that would have saved me money IF this had not caught my eye.
So 30 mins. later after searching through numerous boxes (this is only a small selection ) I am at the till spending more money.
In my defense everything was very cheap but the thing was I actually did not need any of it.This picture shows it laid out when I got home and yes that is a very long receipt.

I have made several attempts to finish Day 23 journal page I did the main part yesterday but I seem to have a mental block with text. I think I am putting to much thought into it. So watch this space.

It was very dull today and I found it cold  so I was wrapped up very warm when I took Wilson for a walk across the field.. I have been trying to get a picture of a large Bird of Prey which has been flying over the fields but with no luck  it is quite magnificent I think it is a Buzzard not a rare bird but a privilege to see.

In my quest to identify it I took these photos of a regurgitated pellet and very large bird droppings ( i know I lead a very exciting life ) I emailed the photos to a local bird expert who thought they may belong to a barn owl which made him very excited.

I also thought I would take photos of the fields as they change throughout the seasons at the moment everything is quite bare with no sign of life  except for the MOLES who are as busy as ever.


  1. glad you treated will eventually speak to you. I am glad when you decribed what those photos were..I havent seen any moles where we live yet and I love watching buzzards, hawks etc..there is one on the drive to the gym which just hovers for ages then suddenly swoops to see

  2. Guess it was good I described the photos if you take a good look at the pellet you can see animal bones. as for the moles you are lucky not to have any they do so much damage.