Thursday, 10 February 2011


Wilson  drinking from trough last summer

Wilson licking rain off the decking
It was very mild  and wet today light showers all day i call it wet rain because i think it gets you wetter than a heavy downpour. This did mean Wilson did not get a walk no need to feel  sorry for him as he has 21 acres to wander around. But he does love getting wet and will even go and sit outside in the rain. Another thing about Wilson he does not like drinking from a bowl preferring to wander out into the field and drink from a cattle trough or like today lick the rain off the decking .
I did pop to the local mall this morning to return an item to MARKS & SPENCERS  but i made the mistake of venturing into the food hall . For those of you not familiar with this company in the UK they have the reputation of being a quality food supplier.Nowadays they cater for everybody unless like me you are vegetarian and then the selection is poor. But they do have fantastic Hot Cross Buns (not just for EASTER ) but all year round. Today you could buy 2 packs of 4 for £ 2 and in theory they should last a few days  for 2 people . BUT  i came in from the car greeted Wilson made a cup of tea and opened one pack.

Once open i could not stop they were delicious and i ended up eating 3 so much for the diet .


decorated envelope 
 5" x7" journal page swap
It was still raining and avoiding eye contact with the big black lab i decided to finish the second  journal page for the monthly  5" x7" swap on milliande,com. i have had the prompt for about 6 weeks but kept putting off doing this one .But in the end as usually happens with me under pressure i work better. I know you read this Nina so thank you for arranging this each month i really enjoy it. Although i am happy with this page I am not sure it is quite what you had in mind .
I have just had a text message to say that my Goddaughter in Vancouver has just had her second child a little boy so i must try and overcome my flying issues so that i can visit them.

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