Tuesday, 8 February 2011


It was very foggy first thing this morning but as the day moved on it was great walking weather. Unlike yesterday when it was very wet.
 The big black lab was quite surprised when I got ready to take him out as I was a little earlier than usual. I wanted to see if I could see signs of Spring and yes things are moving.

The Cuckoo pint is showing new leaves bright Green which later will have stems of poisonous berries. I was told as a child it was snakes food. I also saw my first Snowdrops which I decided to photograph on the way back which was a mistake as by then they were in the shade.
We did a detour to the local Post Office and then on to the sea wall and it was glorious the tide was fast moving but very calm and the bridge was shrouded in mist/fog

I should say at this point when I am unsure of the forecast I do not take my large camera so all of these photos are taken with my iphone with different apps. I am always pleased when I see visitors on the wall on nice days and I hope they go home and tell their friends what a great place it is.
When we left the wall we walked down a lane/road which actually runs over the Severn Tunnel which is the main rail link into Wales it runs under the River Severn it was opened in 1885 what an amazing feat of engineering .Bearing in mind that The River Severn has the second highest tidal range in the world. The pipe you see in the above photo used to to pump the water out from the tunnel below but I have not seen that for many years.

I must have walked past this padlock hundreds of times but today it caught my eye I think it was the unusual name on it.

One of the many rabbits in the area was getting a home ready for the breeding season.Last year I spotted early violets on this verge but there were none today. As we walked up another lane where every field now has some form of animal in it a steaming mound of horse manure was heating up in the sun creating  quite a whiff in the air.

Once back home I decide to make a bread pudding with some stale bread this was something i always had as a child .

After dinner i played around with some journal pages that I had started yesterday some using altered magazine pages.
this was a picture of  garden with a wooden garage in it

page taken from National Geographic

work in progress

so now as usual it is late evening and I am dressed for bed rushing to get this posted.


  1. I love your blog, so inspiring! It must be said, that I am a bit envious of your lack of snow. We have had snow fall off and on all week, and though the sun is bright and warm, spring still seems a distant memory.

  2. I know what you mean about the snow Nina.We of course do not get anything like your snow fall but when we get any it is only fun for a very short time.

  3. you live in such a lovely place thanks for sharing photos of the sea. love your journal pages too