Saturday, 5 February 2011


Saturday is usually my day off from dog walking don't get me wrong I enjoy our walks but it also nice to have a day off. Not only that Wilson expects his weekend walks with DADDY so much so that he sulked today when he suddenly realised he had gone to work.YES proper sulking and being that he is a Lab his big brown eyes made it worse. So I was just about to take him when he was invited next door to see a visiting Labrador puppy. This was  taken a couple of weeks ago but she is not a lot bigger now but she was not in the least bit worried about a 43kg lab coming towards her. CUTE.

 After this we went on our usual route and as usual i was seething at the amount of litter what is wrong with people. It is getting to the point where i am liable to punch anyone I see dropping litter (well perhaps I will not go that far) but I am just getting so ANGRY.

We had just got in when we had visitors my Son Daughter in law and granddaughter so a nice half an hour was spent with them .


I altered a photo of New Hampshire using lemon juice.

after using lemon juice to alter the surface then scratching


i was going to call this Blackbirds courting then I realized I had given them 4 legs

Then it was on to a bit of doodling for the inspired by prompt over at I have already posted photos of previous attempts and today it was very quick doodles  I am still not getting it.

Later on I experimented with Brasso altering a magazine page

created using 2 of my own photos

created using 2 of my own photos
created using 1 of my photos and a clip art image
Last night when i was playing around with PICASA and PICNIK  I created  3 collages I was quite pleased with..
And finally an update on my EROSION BUNDLE still not enough rain to cause much decay but at least it is beginning to  change.


  1. love today's the puppy, the adorable grandchild and your Art work.xlynda