Friday, 4 February 2011



Today it was very windy and to be honest I was not motivated to do very much I also made the mistake of starting to play with PICASA and PICNIK early this morning and I am still playing .What I find so amazing is how fast technology improves just a few years ago you took photos and sent them off and waited. Now you just snap plug into the laptop and play with them . We have RED NOSE DAY coming up and I thought I would alter a few photos with red noses.

Midday I took Wilson across the fields for a quick run I did not bother to take my camera because the wind was so strong it would have been difficult to take a good picture. But of course something interesting caught my eye. I am always on the lookout for things being found in odd places and over the years i have taken lots of photos of strange images. As I walked I could see something orange in one of the many mole hills.and as i got closer i realised it was a dog toy. I knew it was not one of Wilsons as it was too small but how did it get there. I can only think it had been collected from somewhere by a fox.but i am not sure how it ended up being burried in a mole hill.


Late last night I doodled a couple of pages on the JOAN MIRO inspired by prompt i was using SHARPIE  pens which i have only ever thought off as marker pens for the freezer  but they are great and a pack of 24 from COSTCO were quite reasonable .

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