Wednesday, 11 May 2011



I received my two Girlfriend ATCs from the swap that Lauren hosted over at milliande.


They were from top left my dear friend Rachel in Australia who hosted the Owl swap,and from Pam in Florida.Thank You both and to Lauren for hosting.

I also finished the Bird Shrine boxes for the swap hosted by Palma over at milliande. I have already posted how I created these and this is a photo of the finished boxes and their contents.





These are on their way to Denise in the USA

I have just had a late afternoon walk with my Granddaughter who at 7mths has a very strong set of lungs I think the whole village must have known we were out and about.

I am having my hair highlighted tomorrow I always find this an ordeal sat in a chair for at least two hours but it needs doing and I need a change.I have also decided to be very careful about the amount of food I eat ,sometimes that extra portion is just not needed.


  1. Marvellous bird shrines! Denise will love those!

  2. Your bird shrines are delightful, your swap partner is in for a treat :)

  3. wow your shrines are fantastic..hope your ears have healed after your grandaughter and just think happy thoughts when getting your hair done..I hate hairdressers too which is why my hair is a wild mess..ha ha

  4. love all the work on herex I remember my two at 7mths...loud!
    What colour are you going to do your hair in this time? I too am watching my and half stone to loose l fear!haxxx