Sunday, 18 September 2011

Inchies and Stitches


I had an email from my good friend Sonja  who I admire so much her work is wonderful,so please check out her blog. Sonja pointed out a swap I had missed over at Halloween Inchies hosted by my sailing friend Lois in Massachusetts.

I signed up straight away as inchies always seem manageable after all they are only one inch square and this is what i made this evening.


each one is on a piece of calico which has been stiffened and stitched around the edge.I stained them  and added colour with sharpies. I assembled them using buttons,net,ribbons and SIZZIX die cuts . The bats are the size I cut them,but the rats and crow are cut from shrink plastic and reduced in size.





I coloured them with sharpies.



Yesterday except for Wilson I had the house to myself ,as my husband had gone to Wales on a trip with a group of other motorcyclists.  My youngest son also went and this is the head gear he wore.



Yes that is a camera on his head.

It rained on and off all day and  I could not settle to do much so  I just played with the sewing machine, and made these .


They are not brilliant ,but it was good to practice applique.

I was a little worried when looking after Little Miss X last week that she may have plans to become a Pole Dancer.




I have to thank Debra also from  Massachusetts for my journal pages I received from her , this swap also takes place over at




The colours and textures are lovely.

I also received a wonderful Card from Lorraine just  to say she was thinking of me in my child minding role. please check out her blog she creates some great art.


todays random image




  1. Your inchies are so wonderful, love all the fun details. And I enjoy your picture trail too.

  2. ah Mary, i guess she wants to follow in Grandma's steps, likin' that pole, lol.
    all your little inches are very fun, but i donot kno if my fingers can manage something so small, good work on all your lovelies..

  3. Mary, the inchies are gorgeous!!! LOVE them! But I am surprised to see what you have been doing in your spare time, because that's exactly what I've been doing!!! I also made some hearts, very similar to the ones you made, and some ornaments! I honestly couldn't believe it! You might think I'm some crazy woman, but I have a feeling (right from the start) of some kind of connection with you, like I've known you for much longer than I actually do, and I also feel that we have at least a little bit of a similarity in our work (don't ask how or why), and now that I said that, I hope you won't delete me from your contacts. :)))
    Of course, I love the journal page and the card, great artwork! But Miss X and her dance are the cutest! :)

  4. I could never delete you Sonja :)

  5. I LOVE the inchies! They rock!!!

  6. Yeah! I was getting withdrawal symptoms not seeing your fab art! Love your inchies! Halloween is my favourite holiday.
    Your granddaughter looks a lot like you! She's gonna be a heart breaker :)