Saturday, 3 September 2011

No Time To Play

As Some of you may know I have a new job  3 days a week,well of course it is not really a job  I should be calling it a weight loss /exercise plan.
Little Miss X is now with me  while Mum goes back to teaching part time. This means that at the moment there will be no time for crafting on these days. The bag making is now reserved for weekends as I cannot risk a11month old in the same room as pins and scissors. Paper craft ATCs , journals etc. will now been done in the evening ,if I can stay awake.
I have had her on various odd days building up to this week ,and all went well  but she was not so mobile then. We now have an 11month old who can crawl faster than I can walk (almost ) add to this mix a Black Labrador with the waggiest  tail in the world and an obsession with food.
Friday lunch  the best finger food, scrambled egg and cream cheese.
I have video footage of this as Wilson was under her chair and she giggled as she dropped food for him.IMG_5224
Unfortunately as she did not have a morning nap ,soon after lunch this was the scene.
one very very tired little girl who just would not give in

until she could hold out no longer
she did not even make it to the cot.

todays random image


  1. Love it...makes me want a baby..almost!

  2. Love this post Mary. Thanks for sharing a bit about your daily life. She is such a doll, but I can tell you are probably exhausted at the end of the day. Where do you find these random images? They are so fun. xxpatty

  3. Mary, it sounds like you are in for a bit of a life change! I'm sending you "energetic" thoughts. I used to care for my granddaughter when she was 10 months old. I was just beat at the end of every day. Take care of yourself it's easy to forget when there is a little one about♥

  4. Thank you all ,she is very good and we usually go out walking Wilson which is good for all of us.
    Images - I have several cds of images which I purchased a few years ago ,we will not run out because if they were all on my laptop there would be over 1 it is I have about 100.000 on there which slows the laptop up.
    Liz while you are here I could easily make you change your mind :)

  5. I recognise that pose when they are so annoyed that they fall 6yr still does that! Glad you can take her and Wilson out..perhaps when she is older you could all do finger painting outside then you will have instant journal backgrounds!

  6. She is so adorable! I love the last photo, so cute! :)

  7. gorgeous childxxxxlucky grannyx lynda

  8. oh my Mary, i am so happy those days are over, i am too old for babies any more but i do love them, esp when they are infants.. rest up on the weekend..