Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I took part in a 1 to 1 swap on milliande.ning with Nina the prompt was My Soul Sings .Nina asked us to produce a piece of art and we would get one the same size back.
I had to think Long and hard about this and while searching through a vintage book I came across this poem and the words seemed to fit.
I have used tissue and gesso for the background and coloured with acrylic ink .The wings were cut with a SIZZIX die and the bottom set were rubber stamped and embossed with UTEE ultra thick embossing powder.

I then printed part of the poem onto tissue and stuck this on  and gave it a top coat of matte medium.
In return I received this inspiring painting from Nina which I love. It came on the warmest day of the year so far and just after the Spring Equinox which all seemed very fitting.

Thank you Nina I will treasure it.

It was  so warm for the time of year that I was quite sluggish today I did go to the mobile library with Wilson and then we walked on the sea wall. But he found it a little too warm and he was dragging his feet by the end.
as we passed a Pussy Willow bush I was aware of several birds making quite a noise . They were very acrobatic and very difficult to photograph they looked like sparrows but I will check later.

You can imagine how annoyed I was was with Wilson when on our return home he went into the wildlife pond , got out and went back in again completely ignoring me.

What follows are a few random photos taken in the field.

This is offcuts of  recycled decking that I am hoping Bees will inhabit.

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  1. Glad my painting made it to you! I love the mixed media piece you sent me...proudly displayed!! I am jealous of your signs of spring. We're still waiting for snow to melt! But when I closed my eyes the night of the Spring Equinox, I felt a sincere sense of accomplishment for having survived another winter- sound in the knowledge that days can only get longer from now until the end of summer. Sweet relief.