Sunday, 20 March 2011


It has been too nice to be inside crafting this weekend and  as such I have nothing to show so I will not write much but I am just uploading a few photos taken in the last few day's.

These holes appear in the field I wish I knew what makes them.

A large nest in the ASH but still no sign of leaves

The old OAK

The old OAK

Heart of OAK

Hyacinth by the wildlife pond

Early Ladybird enjoying the sun

Dead Cordyline

Wilson enjoying a drink

Liatris seed head



  1. Enjoyed the pics... so looking forward to seeing green at our house...the snow is melting, rain and 43' here today but suppose to get colder again...

  2. Thank you yes it is so much warmer here but the evenings are still cool.I do not think I could live in a colder climate.