Saturday, 19 March 2011


What fantastic weather we have had today almost non stop sun.It was so nice I even ended up sitting on the decking with my jeans rolled up. Yes the legs were very white and Hairy but it felt good.

Last week the little lane which leads from home was re-surfaced although it was in a very poor state with many potholes we were all amazed at the amount of work they have done on it.  The council were there for several day's and they have also  dug out the drainage ditches in places the road is about 6 inches higher. Although this is the quickest route from my home I have not used it for a year because of the potholes and the fact that other drivers are not always willing to let you pass. And now that we have this wonderful new surface I will still not use it because as they have dug out the ditches there is no room to allow passing cars. I give it a couple of months before the first vehicle comes to grief.

The interesting thing about this resurfacing is that our local council has a limited budget and there are a lot of much more high profile roads that need doing. We are not complaining of course but some of the older residents are worried about boy racers. This is a very pretty lane and I have posted photos before but in the last few months more of the fields have been taken over for livestock or horses.

One of the most interesting is  the man who over the past couple of years has built up a large collection of chickens,ducks,geese. etc.But when I was passing yesterday I discovered he had added a Giraffe and a Playboy loving Lion quite a shock as you can imagine.

At the end of the lane on what used to be the railway crossing at the beginning of the last century , the small community group I belong to has put a boat which we intend to fill with flowers and bulbs .I have volunteered to do this although I am a little worried it has been filled with topsoil which means weeds.

The following photos are different variety's of Daffodils that I found in the ditches and hedges in the lane HOW DID THEY GET THERE ?

Lastly I took this very poor quality  photo of the SUPERMOON  shining through the roof light last night the window was covered in condensation but I think it adds to the picture.

Just one more for any cat lovers this little beauty was living rough in our gardens last winter nervous and very dirty. Until  my elderly next door neighbour took her in and now she does not leave her side.

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  1. oh, I like the thought of planting flowers in the old boat. Do it and let's see what happens. Love the little kitty too. I'm so glad she found a good home. Thanks for posting a picture of my blog on your blog. you are so sweet.