Monday, 14 March 2011


                                                                                                         This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about the people of Japan the images and sounds are haunting. As I live in a village below sea level in a area which a few centuries ago was wiped out by a tsunami my heart goes out to them.

Saturday I decided I should host a swap on milliande I had thought about it for some time but I guess I just felt I needed to give something back. I chose the title SOMETHING FISHY  probably because I am still excited by my fishy stamp from Trine. I clicked the START A NEW DISCUSSION  button and I was off
Start date /finish date/numbers etc. I thought I might get a few join over the weekend but within a few hours I had reached 15 so I thought I would say 20 which over the next few hours became 25.
My wish as this is my first swap is that it should go without a hitch. I am going to post the pictures of the ATCs as they arrive so that a wider audience can see the  wonderful creations.

Sunday was the most beautiful day the sun shone all day which was good as my husband had to dismantle our wind turbine and this task needed calm weather. He has a bad cold at the moment and Sunday morning I witnessed the very rare sight of him relaxing on the decking with Wilson in glorious sunshine.
Later in the day after cutting back and planting even more Willow stems I decided to create what I hope will become a Living Willow den for My Granddaughter.And the grass was dry enough for its first cut of the year.


Today was another really sunny day I walked across the fields with Wilson and in the hedgerow under the dying oak tree there was a clump of daffodils I did not plant them and I have no idea how they got there.



Walking back I picked up a feather which I think is from my resident Buzzard.


Mid afternoon the sun streamed through the patio doors and Velux roof windows onto my Daffodil  painting  reminding me Spring is HERE.

My husband was asked to visit our Doctor this morning He saw her last Wednesday because he was getting breathless and she was arranging  a Cardiologist. But the surgery rang and asked him to go in urgently he has been put on medication while awaiting tests. I hope this is nothing more serious than his Atrial Fibrillation which we have known about for about 20 years.

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