Friday, 18 March 2011


As some of you may have seen on an earlier post I have been given an AWARD by Barb for my blog .And in return I was to award  7 other blogs I know that sounds easy but in reality I found it difficult. Not the choosing of the blogs but just the layout of the page I started working on it yesterday and after 2 hours this morning posted  it. I then had to let each of the 7 blogs know that I had awarded them and why and in return they had to do the same.Thinking about it now I suppose it is like an online chain letter.

Anyway the 7 blogs I chose no particular order.

Please if anyone you have not already visited these blogs please do as each one is an inspiration. I only wish I could have awarded the same number again as there are so many talented creative people writing blogs.


I had my first 3 sets of ATCS arrive for the swap I am hosting on milliande and they are wonderful.

I promised I would blog about them as they arrive.

I will do this alphabeticaly.

Bridget Wilkinson  UK
As with all of these 3 the camera may not do them justice as it was overcast this morning.These are the most beautiful shades of blue and turquoise highlighted with gold. I guess they are Zentangles  very intricate and delightful.

Christine Stuart  UK

A very tactile set of cards using Decoupage peel offs and glitter giving a tropical look .And once again great colours for this swap.Wait until you feel them.

Kitty Van den Heuvel The Netherlands

Another set of beautiful vibrant cards  I believe Kitty has used ink ? for the background or it may be watercolour but the cards are collaged with images of Carp and finished off perfectly with brads.

I am so pleased I decided to host this swap as the colours alone are so bright and cheerful for early spring.

Thank you again

Bridget ,Christine,and Kitty

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  1. Missed the swap but enjoying the cards so far! Also love your simple, local pics of the trees sprouting, wildflowers, etc. (I want to go out and shoot some, now)

    Please drop by and say hello ~ take a peek at my photography (see tags)

    - xo