Wednesday, 25 May 2011


As you know I have started to de-clutter my studio/craft room and so I should be in there  enjoying the space.But Today I decided I housework HAD to come first and so I stripped beds and washed everything in sight this was helped by the free electricity being supplied by our 18 solar panels.
I  had to take Wilson to the vet’s to have his ears checked AGAIN.I do wish I could have taken a photo of the four 9kg pure white German shepherd puppies that came in to the reception area. Two under each arm of a husband and wife they were adorable but quite a handful.
As I could not take a photo this is Wilson as a puppy eight years ago .
Actually I am not sure which one is Wilson.
I received my copy of Cloth Paper scissors yesterday and my copy of Prima arrived today so lots of reading required for the next couple of day’s.
This is my first successful fabric printing.
I was really pleased how well it turned out.
It is so much easier now I have freezer paper.
This was the sorry sight I found out in the Garden today
The young plum tree succumbed to the weight of the fruit and the wind.
I thought  the old bird house looked particularly attractive today.


  1. Oh my days - look at those beautiful pups!! I wish I could have seen those GSD's they must have been beautiful x

  2. They were amazing and my Wilson is now a 43kg hair shedding drool producing delight.

  3. LOL - but still just as cute i bet! my 7kg pup is in a very naughty mood as we speak and is chewing something she shouldnt but I am too tired to get up and stop her LOL

  4. great fabric prints sad about the plum tree and those puppies are so cute

  5. I too like the look of that birdhouse. It has room for quite a family. I wanted to say thank you for giving me a blog award and to tell you that I have named you on my list too.

  6. that image of the puppies reminds me of my sons puppy who is 10ths..they are so gorgeous when young.x
    That reminds me to look at my digital cloth, scissors and paper. LOVE your prints, they look great. Sorry about your tree..we have had terrible winds round here too. xxHow's the granddaughter doing and is she used to be left with you yetxx?