Thursday, 26 May 2011


I love history I am not an expert but I like to imagine the lives of the the people in old photographs.I have amassed a vast quantity of vintage photos and some give clues to their past. This is one such photo
24-04-2011 17;05;57
It had the bonus of an address.

As I wanted to know more I decided to contact the local history group in the area and I was put in contact with
Leesa the Local History Librarian in the Town Of Cambridge and this is her wonderful reply.
Dear Mary,
Thank you for tracking me down, I just adore the photograph and it has started me on a trail of detective work. The house at 36 Brighton St Leederville is now a 1950's dwelling so the original house in the photo was probably pulled down around the end of WW2. I have dated the clothes, hairstyles and accessories in the picture to between 1900 and 1913 and the house was probably built in the late 1890's as the area was becoming very built up around that time due to the gold rush. I want to believe (but without absolute proof) the couple in the photograph are William John Farrow Urquhart (known as Farrow) born 1879 in Queensland, his wife Annie Beatrice Evelyn Duff (who he married in 1905) and one of their daughters also an unknown woman. Farrow and Annie (aka Beatrice) had three girls, Edna Muriel b: 1906, Phyllis Irene B: 1909 and Thelma Meryl B; 1912
They lived at number 36 from  1910  to 1912 when they moved north to Cunderdin where Farrow became a boundary rider on the rabbit proof fence. Unfortunately an accident with his camels saw him killed on the job in 1919 at Youanmi, when his cart overturned and pinned him down.
Other people that lived in the house were:
1898 Frederick R Sims
1899 John Mason
1900-1905 Robert Miller
1906 A. Read
1907 Charles A Hudson
1908 William Porter
1909 Miss Fanny Pickett
1910-1912 Farrow and Annie
1913-19? - John Younger
So as you can see it could be any of these people but I like Farrow and Annies story the best.
So as you can see this one simple photograph has been brought to life  and I would like to thank Leesa for her detective work and also Maxine the local historian for the Town of Vincent  for her guidance.
I am sending this photo to Leesa for the towns archives and it will be back where it started.

I had a little visitor today and if she is this well behaved when I have her for a full day in 2 weeks time we will all be smiling.
The puzzle mat was fun to pack away I was thinking it would make great rubber stamps as the letters are separate from the background.
I am not sure what time I will have for art when this little one is with me two and a half days each week later in the year . But I am hoping that the speed she moves will help me keep slim.


  1. your slim already Mary! love the history behind the photo

  2. I think I need a trip to Liverpool and a bike ride along the Mersey to get fit.

  3. l lopve old photoes and history too..when are to off to Liverpool? Ha! See you are getting on well with g/daughter...answering my last questionx

  4. She is ADORABLE! Love her big eyes. I miss the days when my son was a little baby boy....but they do keep you moving at that age.

  5. What a fab story chasing up the photo! I totaly loved it. And nice meeting your cutie :) xm