Saturday, 11 June 2011


Yesterday I received in the post a packet from Liz in California, I knew it would be the bluebirds for my swap. As  I was having a very strange day waiting for phone calls and running in and out during rain storms to create my field art,I did not open it.
I wanted the moment to be right and so it was this morning as Wilson woke me at 6 by tapping on the lounge room door.( Some of you may wonder why I was sleeping in the lounge room,on a sofa with my short legs hanging over the edge. ) The answer is simple no marital row just a Big Black Lab in deep sleep when I had gone to bed . So I grabbed a pillow and headed for the sofa.
Now back to Liz and her envelope ,this was what I found inside.
These delightful ATCs  which are needle felted,stitched and stamped.,on a fabric background.The colours and texture are wonderful.
I  do not usually blog about any extras I receive , because I do not expect it and I do not want anyone to feel under pressure to send me anything.
But this extra in with Liz’s cards came at a perfect time and I was very moved by it.
Yes a little bluebird flew in and she is very sweet (or should I say TWEET )
Thank you Liz.
I am so glad I waited the extra day to open the envelope, because at 6.30 the sun was shining , and my painting which had been out all night in a storm was drying well.
That is not a reflection off a crazed bird in the top left corner,or perhaps it was, as it is the reflection of my hand with the iPhone taking the picture.
Still early and the sun getting warmer I wondered down the drive to look at the neglected wildlife pond.
And there was the resident Grass snake sunning himself.
And then he was gone.
A little later in todays post the ATCs from my Good Friend Monika in Australia arrived  but I will talk about those tomorrow.( I need to take some more photos )
This evening we popped up to Bath to see my Mum in hospital,and were delighted to see she looked and was a lot better.
The hospital has a lot of art installations and paintings on display and I took this just as we were leaving.
While waiting in for my husband to get a takeaway in Walcot street Bath.I took this photo
from the car window .This is a busy road taking a lot of traffic out of the city but there is so much to see especially if you like people watching.It is a very artistic area with quirky shops. I think these doors would have been the stables of the original Georgian houses above.
Not clear in this photo is a small stone head in the cavity above the door on the left and as I sat there two pigeons took turns in sitting on the carved creation.
Bath looked beautiful as we drove through it  and I realised how much I miss the city I grew up in. Mind you I am only  a short drive away so I could visit more often.


  1. It's so wonderful for me to see that my little bluebird made it to you when you needed it most. I'm so pleased that you like it! xo

  2. Liz' blue birds are super cute and the extra for you is just in typical Liz fashion sublime! It's great that your mum has improved, Mary!! I keep sending healing vibes to your family! xoxo

  3. love your outside painting..great idea.x Hope your mum gets even better.Any news on your dad yet? I used to go to Bath alot when l was in Boarding school in Wiltshire. Love the placexlynda

  4. Gorgeous birds!!!Love them! And the extra birdie too! I also love your painting! Great idea to leave it out in the rain! I'm glad your mum is feeling better.