Tuesday, 7 June 2011



I had three sets of Bluebirds fly in today from three different countries

Anne from Peterborough Canada



Anne has used Aquarelle ,ink ,foil and paper.In a very quirky style.


Betty from the USA



Betty has used watercolour and resist I think ? and the cards are delightful.


Sonja from Serbia



This was Sonja’s first ATC swap and she has created some wonderful cards with stamps,stitching,ink and collage.

I would like to encourage anyone thinking of hosting a swap to have a go it is such a pleasure having envelopes arrive from all over the world.

As some of you may know I will be looking after my Granddaughter for two and a halve days a week from September. And Today was a taster day as her Mum had to go into school for the day. She was dropped off about 7am and picked up about 4.30 and I SURVIVED. Actually it went quite well of course  I did not get any work done but on the plus side I did not find time to eat or drink so it may help with my weight loss.

Wilson learnt very quickly that if he sat near her highchair there was a chance he might get some scraps.IMG_4072


I had forgotten the amount of STUFF a baby needs.


Both of these items fold up and store in a wardrobe and I cleared another cupboard for her feeding equipment and toys.


  1. She is adorable with those big eyes! Wilson is a smart boy...he may gain a few pounds with her around! I have to say Mary, I love how all of her gear matches your home. Was that planned?

  2. Thank you Liz I already had the lime green colour in the room .They bought the cot and it was the only colour available but I did ask for the the highchair to fit in with the colour scheme. I hate colours that do not go together.

  3. oh, the more birdies the better! It is fun to do blog swap, isn't it?
    Good luck with baby sitting! xm

  4. glad you survived..she is so cute and bet wilson is happy too! love all these bluebird atcs its such a nice theme

  5. Looks like all the bluebirds in North America flew over the pond seeking a dryer place to land. Love Sonja's ATC's. Working my way through Monika's swap "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil" over on Milliande. Find myself thinking of ATC's in my sleep! Such a cute grand baby you have Mary. I'm pretty much tuckered out after a weekend with my 5 and 7 year old grand kids.

  6. You have a beautiful Granddaughter Mary! And Wilson is adorable! I bet they are best friend already. I hope I did alright with my first ATC attempt, Betty's and Anne's are wonderful! This was a great fun to do. Thank you! :)

  7. I just saw your videos of Wilson, and I laughed like mad! He is so adorable!!! Crazy dog! But, they all are, right? :)))

  8. Wow! I love the bluebird ATCs!! Such a variety!! Xanthe looks adorable and happy at her nanna's and Wilson looks very content too:-) xoxo