Wednesday, 8 June 2011



It is a wet day so perfect for finishing a few swaps.These are the ATCs I have made for  The Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil swap hosted by Monika in Australia over at milliande.

This title I believe is from a Horror film and as I am NEVER EVER going to see it I just did my own thing.

As I have mentioned before I collect vintage photos and some time ago I bought a collection of photos of funerals and graveyards,this may seem a little odd but as I have also mentioned before I love graveyards. These photos were mainly European (German ) I think and spanning many years,and today they came in very useful. I chose some of the smaller ones and sprayed them with bleach to disguise the names on the headstones. These were attached to the ATCs which I had cut from black mount board. I then used pictures from some very old books I have called OUR  OWN COUNTRY Which are about 120 years old and are a very early tour guide to Great Britain they have some wonderful pictures in them all etchings.



After I had glued down the pictures I coloured the cards with Distress inks (Walnut Stain ) to age even more.I then attached transparencies of a tree in my field which I had printed in Black.I also added some text taken from the books.






It is always very hard to photograph transparencies as you get a reflection but I hope you can see what I was trying to achieve.

I had already taken  my own photos for this swap of the small graveyard next to my parents cottage, and I altered one of them using Picassa/Picnik.. As the cards above are quite dark and sinister I have made two extra using my photo and Monika can decide which to use.


This is my photo and pages again from the vintage books and Paper Artsy rubber stamp.


  1. Wow, Mary these are awesome! I love them all. The layers are amazing and so sinister looking, great eerie atmosphere in each one.

  2. Thank you Marilyn they were fun to do especially as I have so much vintage ephemera.

  3. These are so flippin' cool Mary, I love the look and agedness Of them. I especially like the transparency of the tree on them. I love that.
    Wonderful job on them.

  4. nicely done Mary - definitely midnight in the garden - I must learn more about making and using transparacies

  5. l love graveyards and collect anything l find written down or postcards, books etc on death...weird people that we are!Ha. love these images.xxlynda

  6. these are excellent..I especially like the crouching man one he looks a bit like nosferatu! this is a great swap and I like your interpretation

  7. Oh, how exciting to see your collage and in particular the first one does look like Fountains Abbey, which is local to me, but now I know it isn't as you said German... Great work! xm

  8. Maki it could be near you as the etchings are from 120yr books on BRITAIN.

  9. Oh Mary your ATCs are just wonderful!!! I love the eerie feel! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I will have a very hard time sending all these wonderful cards out;-)xoxo