Friday, 10 June 2011



Yesterday  morning I went with my Daughter in law and Granddaughter to Jolly Babies a singing /activity session for babies and very young children.I will be taking her on my own next time and this visit was to show me what to do.

I t was a lovely half hour with four young mums and their babies,of course no photo’s allowed.

As I was leaving to walk round to the school I had a phone call to say my mum was very poorly ,as you know Dad has just finished chemo therapy for cancer and he is waiting to see if the disease has been halted. Mum with her memory problems has found it very difficult and I am not sure if this is a stress related illness,as I am writing this she is being kept in hospital for a second night.They are unable to find a cause of her dizziness ,nausea and inability to walk.

I had  a  mad moment yesterday and decided to have a massive clear out again in the room I call my studio.After all why I am I keeping old bicycle inner tubes and various other odd items ,I tell my self that I will use them in my next assemblage ,but I never do.

The only way to  deal with the two very large boxes of THINGS was to empty them out and only put back what I am sure I will use.But you feel so good when your space is tidy.IMG_4149

The very large item on the right is a new edition and actually was the reason I needed more space.A Big Shot Pro .

Any way while I was having this clear out I managed to knock over the pack of pigment colours  These had been been given to me a few years ago by a friend who had visited India.


I knew I was never going to use them for a actual painting and I was just about to put them in the bin when I had an idea.

After a quick chat with my milliande facebook friends I decided to do a rainy day painting.


First step I placed a large 40” x 47” canvas out in the field and spread some PVA glue over it.


I placed the packets of pigment on the canvas and as I cut each packet they burst and spread the pigment over the glue. It had been raining all morning and I was hoping this would be soaked straight away,but of course it stopped raining and  I had to wait about an hour for the heavens to open up again.

I had removed the packets as they were still half full and so there is second chance if this goes wrong.

But after about an hour in the rain this was what it looked like.


And this is what it looks like now out in the rain as I am writing this.


I will see what happens to it overnight and I f i am not happy I will try again with another canvas.

My Brother has just phoned to say he is back from visiting Mum in hospital and she is very ill ,she has had a scan and hopefully we will know tomorrow what is wrong.


I am sorry for any events happening this weekend  but we desperately need rain and this is some of the heaviest for months parts of the UK have declared a drought  and food production is beginning to be affected ,so I am enjoying looking out on a VERY wet garden and I hope it continues for some time.

Just time to post this , before settling down to watch the season finale of one of my favourite programmes ,The Mentalist   I am going to miss my weekly spot with the gorgeous Simon Baker.


  1. It's just awesome! The mentalist is one of my favorite shows too~

  2. Mary, Kudos to you for that incredibly tidy studio:-) What is that big shot pro? It sounds like a printer? I am sending healing vibes to your mum and hope she feels better soon! Enjoy the gorgeous aussie export Simon Baker:-) xoxo

  3. l too love the Mentalist..will miss it .sigh!
    Love your tidy long will it stay like that l wonder? Ha..mine about a day!
    Lucky you going to have your granddaughter a few days a week. I am still waiting to have one..a grandchild that isx. love your idea with the pigments. Love the effect when you had just opened them on the page. Look forward to seeing how it turns outx lynda

  4. forgot to say..hope your parents are okxxxespecially hope your dad is clear of his cancerxx

  5. Perhaps we should start a milliande fan page for Simon Baker.Monika the Big shot Pro is a LARGE die cutting machine.And Lynda you are right it will not stay like it for long.